Two Law Firms: Clariá Olmedo and Trevisán

Clariá & Trevisán was born in September, 2001 from the consolidation of two law firms: Clariá Olmedo and Trevisán.

Clariá Olmedo and Trevisán Law Firms were founded by José O. Clariá Olmedo, Esq. and Lázaro Santiago Trevisán, Esq in 1942 and 1922 respectively.

Faithful to the personality and principles of their founders, both law firms grew under a seal of personalized attention combined with efficient services, creating lasting relationships of trust and respect with their clients accompanied by an ethic conduct in their professional behavior.

Founders’ children also studied law and were incorporated to the Firms. In the case of Clariá Olmedo Firm, José Octavio Clariá, Esq, Daniel Clariá, Esq, and Gonzalo Clariá, Esq were incorporated to such office. And in the case of Trevisán Firm, Juan Carlos Trevisán, Esq, Jorge Alberto Trevisán Esq, and Héctor Raúl Trevisán, Esq were incorporated to such office.

In 1984, Mr. Lázaro Santiago Trevisán died and their sons -Juan Carlos and Héctor Raúl- assumed the conduct of the Firm together with Mr. Carlos Diego Morano, until 1993 when they decided to split up. The sons decided to follow doing business independently under the name of Trevisán Law Firm.

This generational change modifies the physiognomy of the Firm and the practice area is mainly directed to business legal advice with a determined specialization in insolvency and business organization law.

Consequently, Clariá & Trevisán, Attorneys at Law is borne with the following main objectives:

The creation of an organization capable of solving completely all legal problems to companies and individual clients.
Said organization shall have a reasonable number of qualified professionals and paralegals so that the attention would be efficient and with no delays.
Support structure of professionals shall be first class and it shall have all necessary technology so that the attention and communication with clients, control of files, access to information and quality of presentations shall seek excellence.

Considering the abovementioned insufficiency of local markets, the firm shall have professionals ready to assist and accompany clients within the national territory as well as abroad considering such countries with which it maintains commercial contacts. With the same purpose, it shall have a Network of correspondents in the whole Argentine territory and American and European countries as well as in the main countries in Asia and Australia.

Basing on the tradition of both Firms, on the style and the principles received by their founders, the level of its professionals and the confluence of different generations in its staff, Clariá & Trevisán, Attorneys at Law shall adopt all measures to provide an updated provision of services and it shall maintain sound ethic principles while exercising the profession and seek quality in legal counsel focusing on personalized attention for its clients.

Likewise, Clariá & Trevisán, considers it provides a service to society and assumes the commitment of construction of welfare. Therefore, professionals devote part of their working hours to public interest cases or to the provision of pro bono legal services.

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Two Law Firms: Clariá Olmedo and Trevisán

In order to face this challenge of improving the rendering of professional services to answer to the new needs, in the year 2001, the partners of these two Law Firms decided to merge them.

Clariá & Trevisán, Attorneys at law.